LIT.logger is a simple way to monitor your applications whether they run on your office or in cloud. It can be thought of as a Windows Event Log in a cloud.

LIT.logger is targeted mainly for software development vendors who are creating backend services and server applications. It is suitable for both out-of-the-box products and custom implementations. Services and applications can be monitored by customer or by vendor depending on configuration.

User interface is targeted for IT professionals and developers who monitor that programs are running as they should.

Why choose LIT.logger over standard Windows Event Log:
  • Easier to implement, no need to create installer which registers event sources. Just call one function.
  • Accessible from everywhere, no need for local intranet access through VPN implementation.
  • Email alerts, you can choose to receive email for alerts.
  • Centralized, events from different servers can be accessed from centralized location.
  • IsAlive poller, you can enable email alerts when program fails to report within specified interval. For example you can receive email alert if your server is not running.
  • User friendly user interface, you can save view settings so that at a first glance you will get relevant information for you.
  • Comments, you can attach comments to events by message properties, so that you next time the same/similar event is encountered the comment is attached to email alert and is displayed with the event.
  • Structured events, events are more structured, f. ex application exceptions are automatically displayed with all necessary information.
  • Configuration requests, you can get the configuration of certain program remotely.
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For further information contact support(at)litlogger.com. You can also give us feedback, improvement ideas or report bugs.

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